The Art of Silvershine

{9 March, 2009}   here thar be dwagons!

Not much to write about this time, we are all to busy working on the game. Anyway, here is something for you to enjoy. Its the dragon.. about friggin time.

Hey all!
Sorry for the long delay, we have all been very busy working with both the project and other school assignments.
We have registered the game at Norwegian Game Awards, and are looking forward to the Grand Finale.

As an apology for our inactivity here, we have decided to give a nice new picture to look at.

{1 January, 2009}   2009

Happy New Year from Project Silvershine!

{20 December, 2008}   More Wallpaper sizes

By request, here are some widescreen versions of the xmas wallpaper:

{18 December, 2008}   Xmas

We have all finished our exams now, and can start to enjoy the Christmas holidays. As I mentioned before, our holiday is filled with buffertime, so we still have to do a lot of work. There probably wont be any blog posts over xmas, so we’ll be back in January!

Meanwhile, enjoy this festive wallpaper:

{25 November, 2008}   Oh deer…

It seems as we are finaly getting back on track, we are starting to get some fauna in our game, namely the wolf and deer models. We also have consept art for some undead and more location art.

{19 November, 2008}   A little delayed

I have come to say something a little disappointing this time, it seems that we are all behind schedule..
luckily we have planned “buffer” periods to help us get back on track, also we have prioritized all our assignments so that we can drop some of the not-so-important stuff now, and then do them in our buffer periods.

On a lighter note, we have had a load of problems with ambient occlusion and normal maps. But we have finally solved them, and they work great.
Also, our wizard is finished, we only need to to his textures now.

{16 November, 2008}   The Dragon

Well, as promised, today we will be showing off a picture of the dragon.

But first we would like to apologize for the delay… again.
We do try to update this blog on a regular basis, and we always plan out what we should post about, but somehow we still end up delaying it for some sort of reason.
So, from now on, we will promise a post once a week, instead of every Thursday. So you wont be missing out on anything, but we wont have a regular day to post.

Anyway, here is what you all have been waiting for, enjoy.

{4 November, 2008}   Getting somewhere

Finally we are starting to see some results, our wizard character has his concept art ready, and we have started production on its model.
Also the Dragon model only needs textures now, so we promise a sneak peak of it next week.

For now, enjoy this picture of landscape art.

{28 October, 2008}   The Boat

We apologize, but not much work has been done this week…
on another note, we would like to recommend two great games!
Fable 2, and Far Cry 2

Because we like you guys so much, here is another picture for you all to drool at:

et cetera